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Sub Sale


Please direct questions to Jodi Mackrell:

Collegiate Aquatics has teamed up with R & K Subs in Palmyra. R & K has been selling subs and sandwiches in Central Pennsylvania since 1969. A time honored tradition, R & K Subs use only authentic Italian breads from local Italian bakeries such as Terranetti’s Italian Bakery in Mechanicsburg, and Seven Brothers in Camp Hill. R & K’s meats, cheeses and produce come from fresh top-rated Lancaster farms.

Collegiate Aquatics earns $1.75 for each sub, $2.00 for each pretzel sandwich, and $6.00 per frozen item sold, so please ask friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors to support Collegiate Aquatics by purchasing a sub, sandwich or frozen item.

This fundraiser will be offered three times in the 2015/2016 season:

1st Sale: Sale begins in September. Orders and money are due by 9-24-15 and can be placed in the Fundraising folder.. Delivery will be 10-5-15 at 6:30 the CUB on Penn State Harrisburg campus.

2nd Sale: December/January - Orders and money are due on Monday, January 4 and can be placed in Mackrell folder or coaches collection folder.

3rd Sale: February/March - Orders and money are due on March 16th to the Mackrell folder at PSU or given to a coach. Delivery at Central Penn on March 29 at 6:30

Please email me at or (717) 571-8030 if you have any questions.

All payments in full MUST be turned in with your order form on the order due date. No exceptions!!!

All checks must be payable to Collegiate Aquatics.

Collegiate Sub Order forms Sub Sale 3 March 2016.xls68 KB
Collegiate Pretzel order form Sub Sale 3 March 2016.xls47.5 KB
Collegiate Frozen Order Form Sub Sale 3 March 2016.xls44.5 KB