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Hershey Park Volunteering

Hershey Park Volunteering

We are happy to announce a new type of fundraising for the Collegiate/Latshmere swim teams. We have been approved by Hersheypark to participate in their volunteer program. All money earned from this will be credited to your fundraising requirement. Volunteers earn $6 per hour and will receive one voucher for a ticket to Hersheypark at the end of their shift.

We will be volunteering to work in the areas of food and beverage, rides, games, ushering and possibly more. There are specific job/dress requirements for each area. Please see the attached files for those details. It is very important that you read and follow all the requirements or they may deny you the option to work a shift. Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your shift begins and be sure to sign in under Collegiate Aquatics so our organization gets properly credited.

We will be sending out emails listing the volunteer shifts available as we get them from Hersheypark. Please email Jodi Mackrell at or Deb Wisor at to sign up for a shift. Once the shift has been approved we will send you an email confirmation. Please be sure to include the date, time and department for the shift you want to work.

Hersheypark relies heavily on their volunteers and if you are unable to work your shift please try to find someone to replace you. In the event you cannot find a replacement Hersheypark must be notified as soon as possible so they can get a replacement. If you can’t reach Hersheypark with the numbers provided contact me or Deb ASAP.

Available volunteer shifts for May have been attached to this email. There are some April dates available listed below. Get your dates in to us as soon as possible because the shifts fill up fast. if you have any questions please email us. Thanks.

Jodi Mackrell and Deb Wisor

2015 HP Volunteer Manual.pdf560 KB
Department Welcome Letter - Attendant.pdf84.32 KB
Department Welcome Letter - F&B.pdf571.17 KB
Department Welcome Letter - Games.pdf181.69 KB
Department Welcome Letter - Rides.pdf572.62 KB
Games Volunteer Coordinator Packet 2015.pdf194.19 KB
May Calendar Food & Beverage.pdf73.76 KB
May Calendar Rides.pdf72.86 KB