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Clinic/Conditioning: Dryland and Water Sessions - July, August, and Early September 2018

07/16/2018 19:00
09/06/2018 19:00

Clinic/Conditioning: Dryland and Water Sessions - July, August, and Early September 2018

Harrisburg area senior level swimmers are invited to attend open training sessions for the month of August/early September at the Wedgewood Hills Swim Club. Conditioning and stroke improvement will be a part of each session. Dryland sessions will also included based on swimmer participation (age and ability).

Where: Wedgewood Hills Swim Club, 20 Diamond Street, Harrisburg (Susquehanna Twp.).

When: Beginning Monday, July 16

Sessions will run Monday through Thursday

Evening Sessions:

How to Attend a Swim Meet

John Leonard, Executive Director of the American Swim Coaches Association, penned an article for parents, coaches, and swimmers titled, "How to Attend a Swim Meet". Take a moment and read the article HERE . Have you been attending meets with the correct perspective and attitude? This article was recently published in Issue 10 of ASCA Newsletter, 2013 Edition.

USA Swimming


The USA Swimming web site has a dedicated web page that contains the various time standards used at all levels of competitive swimming. HERE is a brief explanation of the most common standards - the motivational standards for age group swimming.

USA SWIMS Database


Hershey Park Volunteering

Hershey Park Volunteering

We are happy to announce a new type of fundraising for the Collegiate/Latshmere swim teams. We have been approved by Hersheypark to participate in their volunteer program. All money earned from this will be credited to your fundraising requirement. Volunteers earn $6 per hour and will receive one voucher for a ticket to Hersheypark at the end of their shift.

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