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Giant Cash for Cause Cards

Giant Cash for Cause Cards

Cash for Cause is a great fundraising opportunity because people purchase groceries and gas all year long. You don’t have to ask people to make donations or buy extra products. Simply just ask them to shop with gift cards instead of cash or credit.

Collegiate Aquatics will earn 5% of gift cards purchased.

This fundraiser has huge earning potential. A family normally spends $100 on groceries each week:

If 1 family purchases $100 in Giant Cash for Cause each week for one month:

1 family X $100 in Cards X 4 weeks = $400.00 in Total Sales
$400.00 X 5% = $20.00 Collegiate Aquatics would earn per month.
Winter season is from October to March (6 months)
6 months X $20.00 = $120.00 Collegiate Aquatics would earn in 6 months for one family.

Imagine the possibility of what Collegiate Aquatics could earn in the winter swim season.

Swimmer will be credited 5% of the total sold toward their required fundraising fee.

To purchase Giant Cash for Cause Cards:

Please use the order request form posted at the bottom of this page. Complete and return this form to the Mackrell folder at the pool.

If you have any questions, please contact Jodi at at

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