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Team Suits and Caps at Meets

All swimmers attending USA-Swimming competitions must wear a Collegiate team suit or dark solid (black/navy blue) suit. For all types of competition, if a swim cap is worn, it must be a Collegiate team cap. The team cap should be worn during warm-up and all sessions of competition. Team shirts, sweats, and team colors are encouraged.

Team Code of Conduct at Meets

  • Display courtesy and respect to all opponents and meet personnel at all times.
  • Swimmers should know their time or request it from a timer in their lane and report to a coach after each swim.
  • Parents are responsible for their child's behavior.
  • All team members are to sit together in the team's designated area. The coaches and team parents (assisting with 8 & under swimmers) will direct swimmers where to sit.
  • Swimmers should obey all pool facility rules. This includes no chewing gum, no glass containers in the pool area, and no running.
  • Collegiate swimmers will clean up the team area before leaving. All trash and food should be placed in trash receptacle.

What's an Invitational Meet?

Invitational meets are different from dual or league meets in the following ways:

  • There are swimmers from many different teams.
  • The meet might be broken into sessions determined by age-groups.
  • Swimmers are usually asked to remain in an area away from the pool when not swimming.

In preparing to attend an invitational, the following information should be considered.

  • If you need directions check your mail folder or see a team parent or coach. Make sure you have the correct warm up and starting time.
  • Pack extra towels, a sweat suit, and socks. Make sure your swimmer's name is on EVERYTHING including the suit.
  • Include an activity pack -- books, cards, etc., also bring a blankets where you and your swimmer can sit.
  • If you do not wish to spend a lot of money on food and drink, bring your own.
  • Check your swimmer's bag - DOES HE/SHE HAVE HIS/HER SUIT, and GOGGLES?
  • There could be admittance and program fees for adults.
  • Once you reach your destination, look for other team members to find out where they are sitting.
  • Find the locker room and change if necessary. Many swimmers keep their clothing in their bag instead of a locker.
  • Check in with your coach.
  • Parents and swimmers - go through the entire program and find your events. Many of the younger swimmers mark their hand with the event number, heat, and lane.
  • Once the meet is ready to start, someone will call the event to be seeded. It is the swimmers' responsibility to get to the seeding area. If this is your swimmer's first time have him/her team up with another swimmer.
  • Relax, mom and dad, and watch the race.

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