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Viridian Fundraising

Now that's what we call a


- Save money on your energy costs
- Help the environment with greener energy
- Support our organization


We are excited to announce our partnership with Viridian Energy, a socially responsible energy company. When you choose Viridian as your electric supplier you can save money and do something good for the environment while still receiving the same delivery, service and billing from the utility.

And now, through our fundraising partnership with Viridian, you can support our organization every time you pay your electric bill. We receive income each month someone we refer is a customer with Viridian Energy. You can help our organization without ever needing to take out your checkbook!

Our organization will receive an initial bonus of $5,000 when we enroll 500 customers! Plus we’ll earn up to $2 every month for every customer we refer to Viridian Energy. Go green for less money and feel great about making a difference. Sign up today!

Learn more about supporting Collegiate Aquatics partnership with Viridian Energy HERE

The benefits of being a Viridian customer:
- No enrollment fees
- Same reliable service
- Receive only one bill
- Flexible production options
- 20% renewable energy
- Affordable rates

Enrollment is FAST & EASY:
1. Register online HERE
2. Call Viridian customer care at (866) 663-2508

Switching to a competitive third-party supplier is not mandatory and you, the customer, have the option of remaining with your utility for basic generation service.Viridian Energy is licensed in Connecticut (Docket # 09-04-15), Illinois (Case # 11-0348), Maryland (License Reference # IR-1840), New Jersey (License # ESL-0084), New York (ESCO Code VRID), and Pennsylvania (Docket # A-2099-2145794) to serve residential and commercial energy customers.Viridian offers two rate plans: variable rates, which are subject to change based on market conditions and fixed rates which are fixed for an agreed upon number of billing cycles. Current rates should not be construed as a guarantee of future rates or savings.

Power with a purpose Viridian

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