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The USA Swimming web site has a dedicated web page that contains the various time standards used at all levels of competitive swimming. HERE is a brief explanation of the most common standards - the motivational standards for age group swimming.

USA SWIMS Database

Tired of keeping track of all of your times? Then stop doing it! Let USA Swimming track them for you. Just enter the event you are looking for below, and let us do the rest. Search for your time at a specific meet, season or age. If you only want your best times, you can look those up, too!

USA Swimming - Individual Times Search HERE

What is Deck Pass?

Deck Pass is an online platform that tracks swimmers’ times and rewards them with digital incentives. USA Swimming members can track their best times, set goals, check their IMX scores and earn digital patches for their achievements. All swimmers can track their times via the log book and also set personal goals. Deck Pass also allows you to connect with friends and family and you can also share your achievements by connecting your account to Facebook.

Read more about Deck Pass HERE.

Virtual Club Championship (VCC)

The Virtual Club Championship (VCC) recognizes and highlight clubs that are developing athletes and achieving success at multiple levels emphasizing the team element in club swimming. This program serves as a key part of the Athlete Development & Performance component of the Club Recognition Program.

More information about the VCC is HERE

Check Collegiate's Ranking

USA Swimming's VCC Ranking Query Page is HERE


IMX Challenge and IM Ready

Collegiate Swimmers' IM Ready and IMX Scores Reported on Records and Top Times web page

USA Swimming has a number of programs to help swimmers reach the next level in their swimming careers. One of those programs is the IMX series designed to help various age groups compete in multiple events, rather than specialize in one stroke too early.

Read about the programs HERE

Check your IM Ready and IMX scores on USA Swimming's Deck Pass HERE

A swimmer's "power points" for each event can be calculated using the online calculator HERE

you will need a My USA Swimming Account – it’s free, and easy, so sign up now!

Energy Drinks: a No-No for Young Swimmers

The USA Swimming Sports Medicine and Science Committee has recently reviewed the risks and benefits related to energy drinks and is providing information to call attention to the differences between energy drinks and "sports drinks" used for rehydration, to point out the risks associated with such drinks, and to provide suggested alternatives to use of these drinks.

In the coming weeks, the Sports Medicine and Science Committee will publish a series of articles on on the risks of consuming energy drinks. Nutritionist Jill Castle covers the basic nutritional facts behind these drinks. Click here to read the article

This is the first installment of our series of energy drink articles.

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