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USA Swimming Event

See Middle Atlantic Swimming Results Web Page:

February 2016
Hershey Love the Mile Meet Results, February 14, 2016

January 2016
Princeton Tiger Invitational Results, January, 2016
Northeast IM Xtreme Games Results, January 2016

December 2015
2015 NAAC BB - A Buster Meet at U.S. Naval Academy, December 5-6, 2015

March 2015
2015 Middle Atlantic Silver Championships March 27-29, 2015

March 2012
2012 Middle Atlantic Junior Olympics
2012 Middle Atlantic Senior Championships
2012 Speedo Championship Series Long Course Region 2

January 2012
Princeton Invitational 2012 Results
Central York Aquatics Winter Invite 2012 Results
Northeast IM Xtreme Games Results

December 2011
Diplomat Swim Club TYR Cup at Franklin & Marshall
NAAC "B" Buster Meet at the Naval Academy

November 2011
Thanksgiving Invite at Cumberland Valley
NLAC Fall Kick-Off at Penn State

October 2011
WSY Fall Invitational A/BB/C Meet at Cumberland Valley

July 2011
Middle Atlantic Summer LC Junior Olympics at Penn State
LAC Speedo Classic at Ephrata Community Pool

June 2011
NLAC Swimfest at Penn State

May 2011
WSY Summer LC IMX Meet at Bucknell University
Diplomat Swim Club May Maelstrom at Franklin and Marshall

March 2011
Junior Olympics at GCIT

January 2011
WSY Winter Invitational

December 2010
TYR Holiday Cup
NAAC "B" Buster Meet at the Naval Academy

November 2010
WSY Thanksgiving A/BB/C Meet

October 2010
WSY Fall A/BB/C Invitational

June 2010
Diplomat Summer Storm Long Course Meet

March 2010
Junior Olympics

February 2010
York YMCA IMX Results (real time)
Delaware Last Chance Meet

January 2010
WSY Winter A/BB/C Meet at Cumberland Valley

December 2009
TYR Cup at F&M
"B" Buster Meet at the US Naval Academy

November 2009
Thanksgiving Invitational at CV

October 2009
Fall Invitational at CV

March 2009
Junior Olympics at GCIT
Middle Atlantic Senior Championships Meet at York
Eastern Zone All-Star Championships in Buffalo, NY

February 2009
ATAC Last Chance Meet

January 2009
WSY Winter Invitational

December 2008
B Buster Meet at Naval Academy
TYR Swim Meet

November 2008
FSSC Five Star Meet
NBAC FallFastival
WSY Thanksgiving Meet

October 2008
WSY Fall Invitational
MA Fall Classic

April 2008
Eastern Zone SC Championships at Buffalo, NY

March 2008
ATAC Last Chance Meet
Junior Olympics at GCIT
Speedo Senior Short Course Championship Meet at Penn State

January 2008
Parkland Aquatic Club Winter Meet
MA Elite Meet at GCIT

December 2007
"B" Buster Meet at US Naval Academy
TYR Cup Holiday Classic at F&M
GAAC Patriot Classic at Germantown Academy

November 2007
XCEL Fall Festival of X-Cellence Meet at Princeton

October 2007
Fall Kick-Off Classic at Cumberland Valley
Five Star Pentathlon Meet at FSSC
Middle Atlantic Fall Classic at Cumberland Valley

May 2007
Trident May Maelstrom (LCM) Meet at Franklin & Marshall

March 2007
ATAC Last Chance Meet at Lehigh University
Junior Olympics at GCIT

February 2007
Winter A/BB/C Event at Cumberland Valley
Big Cat Aquatics Last Chance A/BB/C Mini Meet at State College

January 2007
Parkland Aquatic Club Winter Meet
MA Elite Meet at Franklin & Marshall
Lancaster Aquatic Club Distance Meet

December 2006
11th Annual TYR Cup Holiday Classic at Franklin & Marshall
GAAC Patriot Classic at Germantown Academy

November 2006
GAAC November Meet at Germantown Academy
PAAC 2006 Fall Harvest Invitational Meet at Parkland High School

October 2006
Fall Invitational A/BB/C Meet at Cumberland Valley Natatorium
Whitewaters Swimming Fall Festival at Princeton University

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Princeton Invitational 2012 Final Results.pdf1.04 MB
cya winter a-bb-c meet results January 28-29, 2012.pdf282.53 KB
northeast im xtreme games results january 27-29, 2012.pdf358.09 KB
silver championship meet results march 27-29, 2015.pdf561.25 KB
hershey love the mile meet results february 14, 2016.pdf64.63 KB