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Open Training Sessions for August/September

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 08/09/2017 - 14:40

Clinic/Conditioning: Dryland and Water Sessions - August/Early September 2017

Harrisburg area senior level swimmers are invited to attend open training sessions for the month of August/early September at the Wedgewood Hills Swim Club. Conditioning and stroke improvement will be a part of each session. Dryland sessions will also included based on swimmer participation (age and ability).

Where: Wedgewood Hills Swim Club, 20 Diamond Street, Harrisburg (Susquehanna Twp.).

When: Beginning Monday, August 7 (No session Thursday, August 10)

Sessions will run Monday through Thursday

Morning Sessions:
Monday morning sessions TBD

Evening Sessions:

6:45-8:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday
Friday evening sessions TBD

General expectations for all swimmers that elect to participate:

o Swimmers should already have competitive swimming background, preferably registered or intending to register for USA Swimming for the indoor season OR are a member of a high school team.
o The sessions are most suitable for ages 9 & over however experienced 8 & unders are welcome as so long as they understand and are willing to perform longer swim/kick sets.
o Swimmers will be expected to stay in the water for the entire practice.
o Swimmers should be able to swim continuously for ten minutes without stopping.
o Swimmers should be able to kick continuously for ten minutes without stopping.
o Swimmers should be prepared for incremental increases in workout intensity (the coaches will not negotiate the type of sets presented during the work-out).
o Swimmers should maintain focus on stroke technique, body position, and kicking throughout each practice.

Check the Bishop McDevitt Swimming or Collegiate Aquatics website for updates: New information will be featured throughout the month of August.